"The best tasting and best quality products around"

These Riverbend Plantation sweets are made with

top quality Callebaut choolate.

Saskatoon Berry Chocolate - Box of 4 or 8

Price: $6.00 (4), $11.00 (8)

We start with a premium melt-in-the-mouth Callebaut chocolate heart and fill it with a creamy fondant centre flavoured with our top secret saskatoon berry juice. Maybe some hearts are meant to be broken.
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Saskatoon Berry Chocolate - Single Fancy Wrap

Price: $1.25 - Minimum order of 5 pieces

Luxury Chocolate Boxes - 16 or 32 pieces

Price: $26.00 (16 pieces), $38.00 (32 pieces)

For a very special gift, consider one of our generous chocolate boxes featuring one or two 16 piece layers of our signature saskatoon berry chocolate. These glossy black boxes, featuring our name and logo in gold, have an real understated elegance about them. Note that each 16 piece layer weighs about one half pound - so plan to make a really big impression.
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