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Riverbend Plantation welcomes you to the world of saskatoons!


The saskatoon is a dark purple fruit often described as a berry but actually botanically similar to the apple. Recent research has highlighted the nutritional benefits of consuming foods rich in antioxidants. It turns out that our humble saskatoon is not only one of the most delicious and unique flavours around but also one of the healthiest. In comparisons with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry - the saskatoon was found to be more antioxidant rich than all of them.

We have an assortment of products based on saskatoons and other fine ingredients - from sweet spreads through savoury sauces that we’re sure will be a great addition to any meal.

We hope you enjoy our wonderful products - feel free to call us with your comments, suggestions and orders anytime.

Saskatoons are a unique Western Canadian treat. Try some today!


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Riverbend Plantation has been growing saskatoon berries

and creating distinctive products since 1981.